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Why Agile Software Development Methodologies are Game-Changers for Customers

See how TDK Technologies uses Agile software development methodologies by prioritizing customer collaboration and flexibility, allowing for a more responsive and satisfying experience for the customer.

Steps Toward Ensuring Project Success

Steps Toward Ensuring Project Success

See how TDK Technologies takes several important steps during software development projects to make sure they deliver success.

Linking IT Outsourcing with Business Strategy

Linking IT Outsourcing with Business Strategy

See how TDK Technologies seeks to fully understand their client's business strategy to meet their needs with the correct technology solution.

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Getting Things Done for IT Professionals

See how TDK Technologies IT professionals utilize a framework known as Getting Things Done to handle the challenges presented during software development projects.

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Development Outsourcing

See how TDK breaks down the differences between outsourcing with offshore teams or nearshore teams, and how to lower costs and increase efficiencies with the right choice.

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Staff Augmentation vs. Project Outsourcing

See how TDK breaks down the difference between staff augmentation and project outsourcing, and how the right option can increase efficiencies and lower costs for your business.

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