Linking IT Outsourcing with Business Strategy

The list of reasons for companies to consider outsourcing technology projects often comes down to what they lack internally. Things like insufficient expertise, staff, or time are barriers to developing critical software that will solve problems or unleash growth opportunities.

The concept of strategic outsourcing involves using external resources in such a way that the technologies and knowledge deliver the greatest benefit to improve the efficiency of the company and its competitiveness.

Selecting an IT outsourcing partner involves many considerations, but among the most critical is ensuring there’s a seamless fit with the company’s overall business strategy.

The Client’s Business is Key 

TDK Technologies is an IT consulting firm which solves business problems by delivering customized IT solutions to its clients. TDK places particular emphasis on developing a deep understanding of each client’s specific needs, goals, and circumstances.

As TDK principals Kristin Tucker and David Kocs point out, “We know that the client's business has to drive the approach.”

A successful outsourced IT project requires business and IT working together to reach a common goal: solving a business problem with technology.

Meeting Specific Needs That Integrate Easily 

It is true that IT firms selling a software product, a modifiable software template, or even a software development process tend to treat their clients more like a ‘customer’ than a ‘partner’.

David Kocs explains the difference between TDK and these firms: “We will not have a killer app that we need to sell you.  We don't have a software template that addresses most of the functionality you need and then develop the rest.  We design applications that meet all your specific business needs and are easily integrated with other systems you may have in place.”

These other firms are often willing to provide their ‘customers’ with subpar solutions to ‘save money’. 

  • TDK approaches an outsourced IT project as though it is operating within an organization.

Kristin Tucker says this is why TDK “starts by first learning about a company - its operations, processes and goals - because with a business-first approach, better IT solutions just naturally follow.”

  • Business analysis is critical to aligning the interests of IT and business, ensuring that IT solutions create bottom line results. 

To Recap

Outsourcing software development can be a beneficial option for clients in many scenarios. IT projects should have teams of business and IT people collaborating to reach a common goal. Sure, TDK may miss out on some projects because it recommends an ideal solution which will work right the first time as opposed to a cookie cutter solution which costs less. But TDK is interested in creating long term, mutually beneficial business relationships rather than generating short term sales.

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