The Problem

A national healthcare organization was struggling to source qualified resources to support their niche project management group that specifically works on timely acquisition projects. This organization was investing significant time in reviewing and interviewing candidates that did not have the proper skills. As needs would arise, they had to start from scratch with their staffing vendors, re-explaining their organization, the skill sets needed, the culture match required, and the ability to hit the ground running. They needed a staffing solution.

The Solution

TDK introduced an approach consisting of pipelining potential candidates, having qualified consultants identified and ready to go if a resource was needed. TDK dedicated specific efforts and recruiting bandwidth around this client.  All candidates were taken through extensive screening, including face-to-face meetings with a recruiter, screening by a practice manager, and a final meeting with a business development associate that has been servicing the client for 10+ years. These combined efforts enabled the client to add staff quickly when project volume increased, obtaining high quality niche resources with minimal lag.

The Result

Once the TDK solution was implemented, the client recognized cost savings in the form of time management and quality delivery.

In addition, due to TDK's internal process to identify quality, the interview-to-placement ratio with this client is now 1.2:1. The client has recognized TDK's dedication, quality and ability to solve their business problems with technical solutions. The client has continued their partnership with TDK for all of their staffing needs.