The Problem

InteliSpend was working on the early stages of a large platform rewrite project. They were developing the platform rewrite as an Agile project but were struggling to make progress. Although they were an early adopter of the Agile methodology, the new Director of IT was concerned they had strayed from the core principles of Agile. The team was operating in a “checklist” fashion when conducting daily stand-ups, demos, etc. They seemed to have lost the collaboration, communication and resulting energy that comes from using an Agile approach.

The Solution

In an effort to better understand why the team was struggling with the project and how they could regain momentum, TDK Technologies was engaged as an experienced outside party to do an Agile assessment of the current InteliSpend IT organization and processes. 

The TDK team established a plan for the assessment and conducted an intensive 3-week review of the InteliSpend development process. TDK interviewed stakeholders from all relevant areas within InteliSpend. The TDK team also reviewed all practices, documents, and tools utilized by the InteliSpend team for developing software. Based on TDK’s analysis and experience, the team put together recommendations and a list of actionable items, including practice changes and coaching.

The Result

InteliSpend organized the actionable items from the Agile assessment into an action plan. InteliSpend was able to regain the benefits of Agile and refocus their team’s efforts on the project. InteliSpend also leveraged TDK scrum teams and the platform rewrite was successfully implemented using the Agile methodology.