The Problem

To ensure they’d accomplish their 3-5 year growth plan, Trinity Products needed an organization to perform a technology assessment, and develop a technology roadmap to help them achieve and hopefully exceed their future business needs.

The Solution

The TDK team met with Trinity executives to understand their vision and business goals over the next 3-5 years. Once Trinity’s business needs were understood, TDK then developed and implemented online discovery questionnaires and conducted stakeholder interviews to assess Trinity’s current technology state and identify user pain points.

Utilizing the current technical state and future needs of the business, TDK conducted a gap analysis which identified limitations in process, organization, and tools within Trinity’s existing technical state that would need to be prioritized and addressed. 

From the gap analysis findings, TDK developed a robust technology roadmap focused on IT department responsibilities and structure, Information System Management Software, process improvement, and policy improvement. The recommendations were ranked based on impact to the business and effort to implement. This allowed Trinity to rank how each one of those elements would impact the business, and then prioritize improvements based on how much bandwidth they took to implement.

The Result

Trinity prioritized the recommendations in the technology roadmap based on dependencies, impact and effort. Trinity successfully engaged TDK to assist them with the IT staffing needs identified within the technology roadmap.