The Problem

Graybar's existing e-commerce application lacked functionality and user-friendliness, posing challenges for both customer service representatives and end-users, impacting both B2B and B2C transactions. In addition, the e-commerce website required regular enhancements.

The Solution

TDK Technologies embarked on a comprehensive development and testing process to overhaul Graybar's E-commerce mobile application using an Agile methodology. Collaborating closely with various teams, TDK implemented new features.

The development team created separate mobile applications for Android and iPhone users, requiring meticulous testing for each platform.  A crucial aspect of the project involved establishing robust test environments to identify and fix bugs before the application's production release.

  • User Acceptance Testing: Testing the application from the end-user perspective.
  • Functional Testing: Verifying if application features align with intended functionalities.
  • Usability Testing: Assessing user experience to ensure a smooth and intuitive interface.
  • Regression Testing: Re-testing existing functionalities after code updates to ensure no disruptions.
  • Mobile Testing: Performing comprehensive tests on both Android and iPhone devices.
  • End-to-end testing: Analyzing the application and all processes from start to finish.

The Result

Through comprehensive manual testing methodologies, TDK identified and resolved bugs, leading to a significantly improved user experience. Customer satisfaction has increased, with improved order placement and tracking capabilities. Continuous collaboration between TDK and the Graybar teams led to ongoing enhancements and refinements, ensuring the application remains optimized for both internal and external users.