Control your technology career with these job tips.

The technology career market is very competitive, so here’s some helpful job search tips so you can find the job you love, and find it fast.

Network, Network, Network

Those who rely solely on finding a job by replying to posted openings on professional job boards are going after the same opportunities as countless others. The process is not only time-consuming, but it offers no way to differentiate your skills from any other applicant who responds.

The biggest advice career management professionals offer is to network; meet and interact with others to share information. By attending networking events and user groups, you will meet other IT professionals who will be talking about what resources their company is looking for and the opportunities they are looking to fill. Follow up happens, relationships develop, and people get hired.

LinkedIn Is Amazing, Use It

LinkedIn has emerged as the primary social network for business and is the number one tool for professional networking. Hiring managers and recruiters find the network invaluable for learning about prospective applicants. Some best practices for using LinkedIn include:

Complete your LinkedIn profile in ways that go beyond your resume.

  • Optimize your profile for search engines with key terms meaningful to your job search. Include those terms in your headline and summary
  • Show work examples
  • Use media to showcase projects
  • Include recommendations for your skills and expertise

Actively engage your LinkedIn network.

  • Increase the number of connections in your network
  • Read and comment on posts that are relevant to your profession to show thought leadership
  • Join and participate in LinkedIn groups related to your area of expertise

Review & Update Your Resume

Even with networking and social media, you still need an effective resume, which contains everything hiring managers want to see. That includes professional headings and structure, accomplishments showcasing relevant skills, and experience all contained in a customized document for the specific position at hand.

Preparation Is Key

Those in the job market should also spend some time reviewing interview best practices. That includes how to ask the right questions, how to avoid asking the wrong questions, how to sell yourself and how to close an interview.

The interview is an opportunity to talk about your activities, experience and accomplishments. Share the things you do to develop your skills. Be sure you can impress your interviewers with past experience, accomplishments, and successes. Remember, you’re selling yourself to a potential buyer of your skills and talents.

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