First impressions are everything.

Interviewing isn’t always easy. Here’s some helpful tips so you can best prepare for your interview.

  1. Have a resume that reflects your experience and let your personality shine! A great personality can be just as important as your skills because companies need to see that you will fit in with their culture.
  2. Be prepared! Go to the company’s website and find out about their internal culture, values and personality as a whole. Also, before an interview, do your research on LinkedIn; find out who you will be interviewing with and review their background.  Employers expect candidates to do their research, so doing this will ensure you are prepped and ready!
  3. It’s a two way street! Yes, you are going on an interview, but you are also interviewing the company, as well. Make sure you are prepared with questions that are important to you, whether it be about the hiring process, the team, or the company vision. It’s important to remember that in order for it to be the right fit, it has to be right for you and the employer both.
  4. Dress to impress! Professional attire is always important for an interview. Always have a suit pressed and ready to go when you have an interview. Also, make sure you don’t wear anything too revealing or inappropriate.
  5. Bring a portfolio with a couple extra copies of your resume, just in case the hiring manager is running behind and may need a copy. Have a pen at the ready so you're prepared to take notes.
  6. Be on time! We suggest arriving 10-15 minutes early, but no earlier and no later. If, for some reason, you are stuck in traffic and are running late, be sure to have a number to the company with you so you can call to inform them.

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