Selecting a Company for Your Consulting Career

A trend that began with the Great Recession and continues to reshape the economy is the move by companies to use contract workers to meet staffing needs, particularly in the IT sector.  

There is no shortage of companies eager to help IT professionals find consulting positions, but there is no substitute for quality.

Quality Process is Key

Candidates who work with TDK Technologies go through a carefully crafted process designed to qualify them for positions:

  • Face-to-face meetings
  • Technical assessments
  • Emphasis on long-term relationships

Recruiters at TDK receive ongoing technical training and education on emerging technologies, which helps them comprehend the complexity of a candidate’s technical background. It also contributes to determining whether a candidate is a quality match for positions where they have interest.  

Resume Help and Interview Preparation

One of the areas where placement firms can have a big impact for the candidates they represent is when the resume is presented. TDK Technologies offers resume writing assistance, which enables this essential first impression to be as effective as possible.

TDK understands what our clients are looking for in a resume and will help candidates craft a document tailored to the positions where the candidate is being submitted.

Interview preparation is another key area of impact. Before each interview, candidates prepare with their TDK Recruiter and the Business Development Manager. The prep conversation includes:

  • Interview best practices
  • Questions to ask (and to stay away from)
  • How to dress
  • How to present yourself
  • How to effectively close the interview

Tapping into the Entire Job Market

Many companies don’t post all of their job openings directly. Companies from Fortune 500 to small- and mid-sized firms work through placement firms to help fill positions for a variety of reasons:

  • Smaller HR departments without bandwidth to recruit themselves
  • Preference for right-to-hire so both the company and candidate can ensure a good fit prior to offering employment
  • Opportunity to tap into a candidate pool the company may not have access to

The IT industry average is 33 days from the time a positioned is open until a job offer is made to a candidate. Candidates often spend the interim wondering about the status of their application. TDK keeps candidates in the loop from the time they are submitted to a position until the job is filled.

Once a candidate is placed in a position, TDK handles the onboarding process as well. That includes orientation, pre-employment background checks and drug screenings. And for the duration of the assignment, consultants receive compensation and benefits through TDK.

Follow up and continuing communication with candidates is also a priority.  If a contract is ending, TDK will begin marketing efforts for other opportunities for the candidate.

To Recap

Make sure you understand the process your consulting firm uses to identify opportunities and put you in front of clients to land your next assignment. At TDK Technologies, we walk you through the process from start to finish, giving you the best chance to succeed in a position you love.

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