TDK Technologies Wins a Second Coveted Gateway To Innovation Award

ST LOUIS, MO (April 25, 2013) - TDK Technologies and MOHELA, a non-profit student loan servicing organization, were jointly awarded the Small Business Innovation Award at the 2013 Gateway to Innovation conference on April 25.  

The Gateway to Innovation conference brings IT leaders and thinkers together from across the nation to inspire, collaborate, and gain the competitive edge in an industry that demands more for less.  The Business Innovation Award recognizes implementation of an IT initiative that generates significant business results or impact.

MOHELA engaged TDK for assistance in moving their web presence to the mobile platform, in order to provide the best self-service possible to their 1.4 million borrowers.  TDK's Project Delivery team and MOHELA collaborated throughout the software development process to achieve MOHELA's objectives of:

  • Accessibility by iOS and Android mobile devices
  • Accelerated time to market
  • A secure and flexible architecture
  • Utilization of a leading-edge mobile framework that allows MOHELA to stay ahead of their competitors

TDK was also mentioned in MOHELA's press release on the award.

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