TDK Managing Principal Talks IT, Big Data and Cybersecurity at “Table of Experts”

ST. LOUIS (June 2, 2016) – Kristin Tucker, Managing Principal at TDK Technologies LLC, discussed the latest technology trends, cybersecurity and other critical Information Technology (IT) issues with three other regional IT executives for a St. Louis Business Journal ‘Table of Experts’ article which was published in the paper’s May 26, 2016 edition.

The roundtable discussion format allowed for in-depth discussion on critical issues. The following is a summary of some notable insights.

An Overview of the Latest Trends in Technology

  • “We are seeing our clients going toward web and mobile. The development we do is done using a mobile-first strategy. We design it for the mobile form factor and then work out from there,” Tucker said.
  • “Data and predictive analytics are also huge. Businesses are taking their data, looking at trends and predicting where the business is going.”
  • “With both mobility and data, user experience becomes more important; ease of use, how intuitive is the interface, those considerations.”
  • “Cloud and Software-as-a-Service, where companies are getting away from building the infrastructure and keeping it all under their roof, and using technology companies that are experts at providing the infrastructure and software applications.”

What advice are you giving your clients about cybersecurity?

  • “We talk with clients to make sure they understand where the potential holes in their infrastructure can come from. If they’re looking at a cloud solution, like an Amazon Web Services, we make sure they know what that hosting provider is doing with regard to security and how they’re protecting that customer’s data,” Tucker said.
  • “If you handle any type of customer data, you have to be prepared. If you don’t have a plan and a team in place, you won’t be able to quickly address consumers, and they want answers immediately.”

How are businesses using technology consulting services?

  • “Technology resources are at a premium. At TDK, we use that as an opportunity to both deliver technology as well as do some cross training and knowledge transfer to help stand their internal resources up in those skills while we’re delivering product to them as well,” Tucker said.
  • “We have situations with smaller and mid-sized organizations where we are effectively their technology organization. And it really allows companies to focus on their core business and utilize experts to take care of the technology that’s needed to support that business.”

You can read the entire article by clicking here.

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