Perseverance In Technology Consulting

TDK Technologies Featured in Profile

Principals Kristin Tucker and David Kocs were interviewed by Profile for an article on TDK Technologies titled “Perseverance in Technology Consulting”. The article provides a brief overview of TDK’s history. TDK was founded amidst the tail end of the dotcom bust during the 2001 recession. It not only survived but prospered, experiencing rapid growth during the mid 2000s which included 51% year over year growth from 2004-2008. Once again finding itself in a recessionary economic climate during the latest “great recession”, TDK has been able to thrive due to its superior business model and processes.

Tucker and Kocs discuss some key facets of TDK’s success, including their “commitment to improving client efficiencies and processes through the use of IT applications” and their devotion “to providing quality services and never compromising the brand we have worked so hard to build”. Tucker also explains how she specializes in management services which help smooth the process of implementing TDK’s technology solutions, while Kocs provided Profile with insight into the technology consulting industry pulse and a forecast of where the sector is headed.

Read the full article in Profile Magazine on page 88 of Profile’s Strategy section in the March/April 2011 edition.

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