The Problem

TierPoint needed a new corporate website to merge their marketing and web presence under one single brand. TierPoint was acquiring data centers all over the country and a cohesive focus and message was needed for their existing and potential customers.

The Solution

The TDK team met with each data center separately and gathered requirements for the focus, functionality, and message that each location wanted to provide to their customers. After analyzing the requirements, TDK evaluated several content management systems (CMS) and recommended Drupal as the best CMS for TierPoint's needs. Before development of the site began, TDK established a strategy for gathering all the content for the website and implemented this strategy in parallel with the development phase. In addition to a content strategy, TDK developed an in-depth SEO strategy that would ensure that best practices were followed during site development and roll-out. TDK completed several iterations of wireframes and full resolution mock-ups in collaboration with the client.

TDK met with TierPoint on a weekly basis to encourage feedback and discuss progress from the previous week. After several training sessions with the client on Drupal, the final product was delivered.

The Result

The new website combined the focus and messaging of all the data centers into a single brand. The CMS solution allowed TierPoint to maintain and enhance the website themselves without further involvement from TDK. Customers of a single data center now felt part of a larger brand focused on their needs.