The Problem

DataServ needed a web application to replace and extend the functionality of the legacy system, including document/data management and process automation for accounts receivable, accounts payable, and human resources. DataServ specifically needed user interface design, graphic design, rapid prototyping, and user experience analysis.

The Solution

The TDK team worked with the client to understand the requirements. TDK analyzed the user experience as the application evolved with each development sprint, emphasizing usability and corporate branding. When suggestions for improvement were identified, TDK analysts and designers created wireframes of the changes. With approval at each step from DataServ, the wireframes were converted to mockups and then implemented as prototypes. The TDK team also created a style guide to standardize the design and implementation of the application’s visual aspects.

The Result

DataServ improved the user experience of the application, which increased user adoption and increased efficiency and productivity for their customers.