The Problem

Schaeffer Manufacturing needed a technology assessment to understand their current technology state and an IT strategy to facilitate future growth. Schaeffer identified focus areas that were critical to meeting growth objectives, including IT systems, NetSuite, IT organization and support structure, and data analytics.

The Solution

TDK’s technology assessment team met with company executives to gain a complete understanding of Schaeffer’s vision, goals, and growth targets. Next, the team met with employees in the company’s key functional areas to understand how they used technology to support current workflows, including pain points. In addition, the team analyzed the organization's third-party vendors to further understand challenges revealed during the employee interviews. Through an analysis of the current and future state, the TDK team was able to identify gaps in existing workflows and technology that represented barriers to future growth.

The TDK team produced several recommendations that formed a technology roadmap, based on priority, dependencies, return on investment and risk. Key recommendations provided opportunities to improve and enhance technology infrastructure, automation, data security, productivity, information flow, training/support, and capacity planning.

The Result

A technology assessment and roadmap provided a foundation for Schaeffer’s technology needs going forward. This proactive approach saved time, cost, and reduced frustration that could have occurred when systems fail to meet the needs of the business.