The Problem

BEMAS needed a new technical architecture to support the SaaS model for their software product line. The current technology solution was written in Visual Basic with a SQL Server database.  

The Solution

TDK analyzed the current application architecture, including all components and relationships between data, functions, platform components and user interface. TDK worked closely with the client to define the goals for the SaaS model and perform a gap analysis. The TDK architects and business analysts leveraged their strong backgrounds to create recommendations for the SaaS technical architecture and an execution strategy to implement the new architecture. 

The recommended technical solution included a detailed architecture for all the application tiers, technology stack, system integration impacts, goal impacts and migration path. The recommended execution strategy included an Agile development methodology, staffing recommendation and an estimated project timeline.

The Result

The recommended technical architecture and execution strategy provided the foundation and blueprint for transforming the customer's software product line to increase revenue and acquire new customers.