The Problem

Sunset Transportation, a leading third-party logistics company, faced a challenge transitioning its existing desktop application called PayLOGIK into a web application. While effective for handling invoices on behalf of their customers, the PayLOGIK desktop application was outdated for modern business operations.  After attempting to use existing staff to execute the transition, the company realized additional expertise would be required to complete the project efficiently.

The Solution

Rather than hire additional temporary staff on its own, Sunset Transportation engaged TDK Technologies to undertake the transformation of PayLOGIK from a desktop application to a web-based platform.

TDK's approach began with developing a deep understanding of how Sunset Transportation utilizes PayLOGIK on a daily basis, both internally and with external customers using the system. TDK then began a meticulous rewrite of the application, ensuring functional equivalence while leveraging modern web technologies.

The project adopted a Scrum Agile methodology, with two-week sprints focused on delivering deployable software that was implemented as the project evolved. Collaboration between the TDK team and Sunset product owners was facilitated through agile project management tools, ensuring transparency and alignment throughout the project lifecycle.

Throughout the development process the TDK team conducted thorough testing, combining manual and automated approaches. This rigorous testing ensured the reliability and quality of the application.

The Result

The collaboration between Sunset Transportation and TDK Technologies resulted in the successful modernization of the PayLOGIK application, addressing the challenges posed by the outdated desktop system, even as overall implementation continues. The transition to a web-based platform provided Sunset's customers with enhanced accessibility and usability while streamlining the invoice and payment management process.