The Problem

CID collects and stores data from multiple systems, but lacked a way to report and analyze the data to make business decisions that will benefit the organization's mission of teaching children who are deaf and hard of hearing to listen, talk, read and succeed.

The Solution

CID wanted to test two hypotheses (one based on attendance and access to wearable hearing technology, the other based on early intervention services) as they relate to improvements in standard scores for the children it serves. TDK data analytics and business analysis professionals helped CID identify the precise business questions they wanted to answer and  established procedures to ensure the disparate datasets being analyzed are accurate, consistent, and of high integrity. 

Cloud-based data storage and analytics solutions,  which now can be cost-effectively utilized even by small businesses and nonprofits, were implemented at CID. TDK installed Snowflake data lake software to store a variety of information and the PowerBI analytics platform to provide meaningful insights and reports as the datasets continued to mature to a high level of integrity. The process delivers quantitative analysis of data using easily understood visualization presentations. The analytics deliverables may support or challenge a given hypothesis, or perhaps reveal a different opportunity. 

The Result 

While the implementation is ongoing, with iterative learnings revealing new opportunities over time, CID professionals  are seeing the project deliver insights that will help them provide even better results for the children they serve. The answers that are emerging , which previously would have been based on intuition alone, are now rooted in quantifiable data.