The Problem

The Children’s Factory realized growing and expanding the company would require improved, streamlined processes, enabled by the appropriate technologies. The Children’s Factory needed a technology roadmap to support growth objectives of the business.

The Solution

TDK initiated the project with two senior business analysts who met with the owner and operating manager to understand where they wanted to lead The Children’s Factory (TCF) in the next 5-10 years. TDK garnered a full understanding of the company’s vision, principles, and long-term goals.

Once the future state was established, efforts were turned to identifying The Children’s Factory current state. TDK sent a survey to the management group at TCF to get a basis for the team members’ responsibilities, what technologies were being used, and how the team interacted with one another. Several discovery sessions were conducted with logical groupings of the management team to get a deeper dive into the responsibilities, technologies, and business processes that were being employed. TDK collected the information gathered from interviews and surveys and drew upon TDK technology experts to analyze the results and define recommendations. 

The final deliverable was a full report of the current state of The Children’s Factory, their desired future state, and a list of recommendations.  The recommendations were organized by dependency as well as rated and categorized into: Quick Wins, House Keeping, Moderate Projects, and Major Projects. 

The Result

TDK presented the technology roadmap to the management team at a quarterly strategic planning meeting. The Children’s Factory feels confident that the growth objectives will be met utilizing the recommendations in the roadmap. The Children’s Factory has engaged TDK to help implement the recommendations.