The Problem

A global financial services company faced a complex project to implement Microservices in order to remove the critical functions from a large, monolithic platform where the code is older and has grown over time. The replacement of an enormous single application with one that utilizes Microservices is much more efficient and functional, while eliminating duplication of code.

The Solution

The TDK team partnered with this global financial services company and were asked to address five platform-level services that included configurations, settings, workflow, hierarchies, and user security.

The project utilized 2-week sprints within 3-month program increments where TDK software experts focused on a specific platform-level service. In one case, the TDK team immediately addressed the notification service utilized by at least two different functions, which required critical thinking to ensure that each function’s specific notifications could be addressed at the platform level. TDK was able to deliver ‘plug and play’ services in order to remove as much duplicated code as possible.

TDK instituted some of the customer’s first automated testing systems with a Sonar automation framework, SonarQube, to automatically test code in the build process, identify problems in the early stages, and if the code did not pass the quality gates, the build automatically failed.

The Result

The Microservices provided a more efficient and functional system, and the testing automation can now be used for any subsequent planning iterations in the future.